About Me

Computer Vision Based Artwork Creator

G-Terrain Sculptures Developer

Deeply Algorithmic Person

Doğan Demir, (1986, Istanbul)
Multidisciplinary Creative Coding Artist

Demir, who has over 20 years of experience in software development, started his career at a very young age and gradually developed his expertise in the software world. Continuing to produce works with a passion for interacting with different disciplines of art and production, he focuses on creating unique pieces. In recent years, he has focused on producing multidisciplinary works. Throughout his career, he aims to push the boundaries of software and merge art with technology to offer a new perspective.

For the past 10 years, Demir has been specializing in creative coding and digital artwork, dedicating himself to exploring the boundaries of procedural and generative art. Particularly notable for his experience and skills in computer vision, the artist not only creates art digitally but also works to transform them into physical forms.

Actively working in his own studio for the past 3 years, the artist transforms his works into reality using various mediums such as 3D printing, epoxy resin, silicone mold, plaster, and stone powder. In 2019, Demir had the opportunity to exhibit his series called G-Terrain Sculptures, which forms the basis of today’s works, featuring artificial intelligence models he developed. In his new series, he shapes his art using software, coding languages, and libraries such as Python, Blender, and openCV, and builds bridges between technology and art. Guided by the insight that the most striking feature of his digital works is the sensation of touch, he works to present these pieces in tangible form using 3D printers and epoxy resins.

Drawing inspiration from natural formations, the intricacies of mountainous and rocky structures, and the flawless delicate details, as well as the breadth of bird’s-eye views, Doğan Demir derives his creativity and technical expertise. In each piece, he aims to create new and impressive forms using these natural elements, intending for the observer to get lost in these details. Empowered by the infinite power of nature, Demir continues his work to create increasingly unique and impactful pieces with each passing day.

Foundation Date: November 2020